DIYnet is not a new company we have been creating and designing websites since 1997. During that time, we have created hundreds of sites ranging from small and medium sized businesses to large corporations.


How it works

There are a number of do-it-yourself website concepts springing up and no doubt, more will follow. They offer a varying level of service and benefits and some are quite cheap. However, here's the DIYnet difference.



DIYnet offers a range of packages from basic small business websites to large database driven corporate sites. If it can be done online - we can do it! If you have special requirements we'll give you a free quote.



DIYnet (as the name implies) is all about DOING IT YOURSELF on the internet. With DIYnet you can now maintain and update your website online yourself – quickly and easily. No knowledge of web design or computer skills required. No special software to buy, no complicated programs to learn. Within minutes, you will be adding or changing text and images on your site. You can even add new pages to your site yourself!

With DIYnet you simply dial in to your website using your browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) from any computer (PC or Mac) anywhere in the world. Enter your password details and start editing. It's that easy! In fact, if you can use Microsoft Word you can use our system.

No longer do you need to wait or pay for expensive experts to do simple updates on your site. With DIYnet you can quickly and easily do them yourself — any time of the day or night.

And here's the best part — with DIYnet you don't have to build the site yourself — we do it for you!