How it works

There are a number of do-it-yourself website concepts springing up and no doubt, more will follow. They offer a varying level of service and benefits and some are quite cheap. However, here's the DIYnet difference.

Firstly, with DIYnet you don't have to create or design the website yourself. We do all that for you!

With most of the do-it-yourself systems out there, you are required to create the website yourself, usually from some sort of template. This may look easy enough to do however, it's not as straight forward as it looks.

Firstly, even though there may be thousands of templates available, you will be surprised how hard it is to find one that's just right for your business. And, even if you do, if you're not a graphic designer, chances are it will still end up looking a bitamateurishPlus, most of the templates out there are used by hundreds or even thousands of other users, so you could end up with a website that looks like a lot of others – or even your competitor's!

The DIYnet difference
Our highly trained, professional web designers, create your website from scratch, exclusively for your business. It's custom-designed to match the look and feel of your business, using your corporate colours and logos, etc. so it will look 100% professional from day one. We are not just graphic designers either. We are internet marketing experts and we will design your site to be easy to navigate and search engine friendly. (see getting visitors)

Once your site has been created to your satisfaction and launched – then you take over. In other words, you drive the car but you don't have to build it! And, if you get stuck or just need help — we are only a phone call or email away. You are not waiting in an email response queue or trying to telephone a foreign country with a different time zone!